The PILGRIM'S HOUSE is part of the monumental complex of Saint Gilles (Sant'Egidio). This centre of spirituality was born shortly after 900 AD by priests of common life according to the Rule of St. Augustine who continue the spiritual care and custody.
VERRES è is located on the Via Francigena and has always been a stopover for pilgrims to and from Rome – Jerusalem.
The ancient foundation of Roman times, outpost to the Alps, has an ancient craft vocation of and therefore industrial.
The COMPLEX OF S. EGIDIO took on the traits of a monastery, situated on an elevated place to overlook the entrance into the Aosta Valley, with the path of merchants that connects to the Canton of Valais (Switzerland), with an easy passage - especially in winter - of the Great St Bernard Pass.

The village is also dominated by the defensive manor built by Ibleto di Challant, lord of the place, at the beginning of 1400. The same nobleman also started the construction of the family's burial Chapel near the monastery of Saint Gilles..
It is still visible on the three sides facing the village, with the facade of the imposing Gothic three-mullioned window that is visible by those who enter the Valley.
The TOWER is also characteristic. It was built throughout different eras and finally completed in 1512. It then became a bell tower during the construction of the new church, in 1797. It has the distinctive decorative elements of the time with two statues in the corners overlooking the town: Sant'Egidio, patron saint of the village and San Grato, patron of the Diocesi of Aosta. Napoleon Buonaparte also stayed there on May 25th, 1800.